Sunday, December 3, 2023

Sunday Stamps: Health or Medicine

 Good day, and welcome to my blog.  It is a gray day in the American Midwest, about 41 degrees F, and the light fog has dissipated.  It's time for Sunday Stamps.

The theme today is health or medicine, and Violet Sky has shared a great stamp.  I have one that is now available at the USPS store:

(I don't have this in hand, the image is from the USPS.)
Semipostal stamp (85 cents), raising money to treat those impacted by post-traumatic stress disorder.

The image is of a green plant sprouting, symbolizing the PTSD healing process, growth, and hope.

See more participants at SeeitonaPostcard.  

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Mail Adventures said...

This is a favourite one.

violet s said...

That new green shoot is so pretty.

Joy said...

Striking symbolism and an attractive stamp for a good cause.


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