Saturday, August 25, 2012

Sunday Stamps #85

It has gotten hot here again in the USA Midwest. Summer is reminding us that no, she is not gone.

For me, my University has started up again and what a change!  I am working harder and and I am more tired than before.

Our theme for this week is useful or practical items, to interpret however you wish.  I am very interested in how people will approach this theme.  My interpretation:

Here we have a selection of the lowly, but very useful species of the pepper family, from red bell peppers used in salads to the spicy chili peppers. All these peppers are in the genus Capsicum.  Chili (or chile) peppers (indeed all peppers) are a New World species, and seem to have been cultivated for thousands of years in South and Central America.
Theme next week (by suggestion): Art, music, and dance.
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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Sunday Stamps # 84

You know you have been involved in postcards, stamps, and Postcrossing for too long, when you start dreaming you are in a store, and are excited about their postcard selection!  Yes this was my dream last night, a very detailed dream.  I was of course in the USA but they had so many interesting European viewcards of castles, and mountains.  I could not decide what to get.

It's a quiet August day, and I think many people are on vacation.  So let's take it easy this week.

This week our theme is open - anything you wish.

These dinosaurs arrived in my mail recently. Er, I mean dinosaur stamps, from Turkey.  Two classic dinosaur species, beloved of children everywhere.  What would you like to share with the group this week?

Theme next week:  Useful or practical things.  Interpret that however you will!

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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

MOO postcards: results of giveaway

Well the contest closed yesterday, and I am here to report the results! In case you’ve not come across MOO before, they are Postcard printing specialists, and also print business cards, greeting cards, stickers, greeting cards, labels and much, much more.

There were 16 entries and three winners.  I used to randomize the list of commenters.

The Winners are:
1. Willa at Postcard Perfect
2. Unknown, aka Sawyer.luv
3. Laurie Matherne

Congratulations to the winners!  An email from MOO with information on an order code will be coming your way.


Saturday, August 11, 2012

Sunday Stamps #83

The theme this week is animals, any animals.  I have a few stamps that arrived recently on Postcrossing postcards.
On the left, the european bison (related to but not the same as the American bison) and on the right the beautiful snow leopard (Uncia uncia).

(both from Russia) and then:

A cute and chubby hedgehog from Belarus.  But not just any hedgehog - this is the southern white-breasted hedgehog (Erinaceus concolor), sometimes referred to as east European hedgehog, white-bellied hedgehog or white-chested hedgehog, according to Wikipedia.

Please join me this week with some cute (or serious) animal stamps of your own.  Add your link below.

Theme next week: we have been busy with various themes - let's take a break next week, and share stamps of anything you wish.

My contest post is up! You could win a chance at some free MOO postcards! See this post and leave a comment for a chance. This is available to anyone worldwide. The contest closes August 14.


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Tuesday Postcard Aug. 7

I am joining in with Postcard Perfect and their Postcard meme.

One of my new favorites - showing some great geology in the vicinity of Hong Kong.

My contest post is up! You could win a chance at some free MOO postcards! See this post and leave a comment for a chance. This is available to anyone worldwide. The contest closes August 14.


Saturday, August 4, 2012

Sunday Stamps # 82

Sunday Stamps # 82: In which our theme is: stamps that leave you wondering: what is this stamp trying to show? What does it commemorate? Or, who is this person on this stamp anyway?  This theme was actually suggested by one of you when I asked, sometime back, for some help with themes.

In my first stamp I am hampered by a lack of understanding of Cyrillic letters.

This Ukraine stamp is honoring a rocket scientist.  One of my readers from Eastern Europe will laugh and say, "of course, that is _________!"  If you can, please help me out by leaving a comment.

This next stamp is from Lithuania.  Is it a marble, a bead?  A landscape reflection seen in a spherical mirror?  I am not sure, but it is interesting.

 Feel free to join in with stamps that make you go  "Hmmm...." or with any stamp you choose.  Add your link below.

Theme next week: stamps that feature animals, any animals (again by suggestion.)

My contest post is up!  You could win a chance at some free MOO postcards!  See this post and leave a comment for a chance.  This is available to anyone worldwide.  The contest closes August 14.



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