Saturday, June 29, 2013

Sunday Stamps # 127

Thunderstorms tracking across the American Midwest! I can hear the rumble outside my window. Other than that, it's a quiet evening here. Time for Sunday Stamps.

This week's theme is anything you wish.  I had a small stack of cards waiting for me when I came back from vacation.  These stamps were on one of the cards, from the Netherlands. (It was a reproduction of a Toulouse Lautrec painting.)

On the left, 100 years of a stamp collecting organization (??) and on the right, an older stamp commemorating the 500 years since Christopher Columbus' historic voyage.
Our theme next week, by suggestion, is sea creatures.
Please join me this week for this open theme.  What have you been wishing to share?

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Sunday Stamps #126

My goodness I am exhausted tonight!!

The family and I are back from a long 11 day trip out to the western USA: Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, and points in-between, and lots of driving, and several troubles with air travel. But, we are home now and it is time for Sunday Stamps.

Our theme this week is:
Churches, castles, and fortifications.

The following stamp came to me on a Postcrossing postcard from the Ukraine.

I must say, these don't look like the kinds of fortifications one would find in Ukraine, but in the Middle East.  I am happy to be wrong however, if you know anything about this stamp or this place.
As I said, I am tired and can't really think of a theme for next week.  Let's have the theme be open next week, and I will ask for any suggestions you may have for future themes for Sunday Stamps.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Sunday Stamps #125

Hello and welcome to Sunday Stamps, that quiet time of the week where we share some interesting stamps from around the world.

Our theme this week: Stamps with unusual shapes, or unusual size.

The two stamps below came to me on the same postcard, taking up a bit of space.  They are not huge stamps, but larger than usual.

I haven't received an unusually-shaped stamp in awhile.  I hope someone out there has one!

Sunday Stamps will take a break next week, and I am on vacation with the family.  We will be visiting the Grand Canyon and Yellowstone, and various places in-between.  I'll have my ipad mini but not a computer with me.  Sunday Stamps will be back on June 23.

Theme for June 23: Churches, castles, and fortifications.

Please join me this week!


Saturday, June 1, 2013

Sunday Stamps # 124

Well, my friends, last week is a total loss. As you may know the last weekend in May is a holiday weekend in the USA and many families have parties at home, or go away for the weekend. Our family plans including going to a cottage in a state park. Imagine me in the car on Friday afternoon, thinking, "oh no, I haven't set up Sunday Stamps and with no computer and no internet, there is nothing I can do now!"

I was able to visit some of your posts commemorating important people and/or events, and I thank you.

Well, with little preparation, I think this week's theme had better be, Anything you wish.

I have received a number of Postcrossing postcards from Russia this week, some with interesting stamps.

I cannot make sense of the Cyrillic letters, but I thank this postcrosser for some neat stamps.  Thank you in advance for joining me this week!  And remember, suggestions for future themes always welcome.
Theme next week: Stamps with unusual shapes, or unusual size.


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