Saturday, November 22, 2014

Sunday Stamps # 197

And so we move closer to the end of my journey, Sunday Stamps # 200.

It's a warmer day, and we had a nice dinner at chez Viridian, a pasta casserole with Italian sausage and cheese, bread and salad, and a nice red wine for the adults. :-)

Our theme this week is furniture.  One of my stamps has been shown before in previous weeks:

It may be a classic but it does not look comfortable to sit upon.  And one from the USA:

A Chippendale, at 4 cents this is for make up postage.

Please join me this week with any stamp on furniture, or home furnishings.


Theme next week: birds, a perennial theme.
Theme week after that:  Anything you wish.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Sunday Stamps # 196

It continues cold in the American Midwest. And maybe a hint of snow in the air!

It's Saturday night, so time for Sunday Stamps.  Our theme this week is anything you wish.

I'll start with  stamps that arrived recently on a Postcrossing postcard:

These are from the Netherlands.  My correspondent, Maud, tells me, "The stamps show bonnets from different areas in my country, still worn by elderly and or people living in "The Bible Belt"."  It's funny to me in the USA thinking of the Netherlands having a Bible Belt, and where that might be. And strange to think that in some years from now they may not be worn at all - how sad.

Please join me this week in sharing anything you wish -- maybe a recent arrival in your mailbox?


Theme next week: Furniture (sort of by suggestion)
Theme week after that: birds ( a perennial theme)

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Sunday Stamps # 195

It's another gray day here in the American Midwest, chilly, and the days are getting shorter.  But let's cheer up and share some Sunday Stamps.

Our theme this week is fruits of the forest: nuts and berries.  I think this is a new theme for Sunday Stamps.

This is the common blackberry also know as Rubus fruticosus.  It is a widespread kind of bush or bramble (watch out for the thorns!) with delicious fruit.  This pretty stamp is from Turkey.

And now for an announcement.  We have had almost 4 years (almost 200 weeks) of Sunday Stamps, and it's been a wonderful time.  I have seen so many great stamps, learned so many things about different countries and their folkways, music, and important persons, among other topics.  However, over the last few months I have felt my interest wane, and it's been difficult to find themes where I have a stamp to share.  Thank you, for example, to Calantha who had many good suggestions, but I was able to use just one.  I am also participating less in Postcrossing, so the flow of stamps into my mailbox is decreasing.

Therefore it is time for me to announce that Sunday Stamps # 200 will be the last.  It is with some regret, and I will miss you all, 'meeting' on my computer on Sundays.  But I feel it is time to make the break. I have been turning this over in my head for weeks.  It's better to do this now, than for me to suddenly disappear without explanation some 10 weeks from now.  

I will be rejoining Beth and Postcard Friendship Friday, and dropping in on Sepia Saturday, so this blog will not disappear.  Thank you so much for your time, attention and most of all your contributions and kind comments.

Love to you all,


Theme next week: Anything you wish.
Theme week after that: furniture (sort of by suggestion!)

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Sunday Stamps # 194

Hello again and welcome to Sunday Stamps!

It is a cold cloudy and yet sunny day here in the American Midwest.  The days are getting noticeably shorter.  And here in the USA we will set our clocks back one hour tonight.

Our theme for Sunday Stamps this week is anything you wish.

Here I share two lovely stamps from the People's Republic of China, of a tiger and of a panda.  A happy surprise on the back of a Postcrossing postcard last month.

What can you share this week?  Please join us, and visit other participants.


Theme next week: fruits of the forest: nuts and berries.
Theme week after that:  anything you wish.


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