Saturday, August 4, 2012

Sunday Stamps # 82

Sunday Stamps # 82: In which our theme is: stamps that leave you wondering: what is this stamp trying to show? What does it commemorate? Or, who is this person on this stamp anyway?  This theme was actually suggested by one of you when I asked, sometime back, for some help with themes.

In my first stamp I am hampered by a lack of understanding of Cyrillic letters.

This Ukraine stamp is honoring a rocket scientist.  One of my readers from Eastern Europe will laugh and say, "of course, that is _________!"  If you can, please help me out by leaving a comment.

This next stamp is from Lithuania.  Is it a marble, a bead?  A landscape reflection seen in a spherical mirror?  I am not sure, but it is interesting.

 Feel free to join in with stamps that make you go  "Hmmm...." or with any stamp you choose.  Add your link below.

Theme next week: stamps that feature animals, any animals (again by suggestion.)

My contest post is up!  You could win a chance at some free MOO postcards!  See this post and leave a comment for a chance.  This is available to anyone worldwide.  The contest closes August 14.



Dănuţ Ivănescu said...

Is Mikhail Yangel – 100th Anniversary of Birth. More details here:

Sreisaat said...

I think one of good things about Sunday Stamps is that we are motivated to dig up information about someone or something. We learn new things each week! I love the marble stamp, or is it s snow globe or something? Lol.Whatever it is, it sure looks pretty.

Postcards Crossing

Joy said...

Nice that stamps bring us people we don't know. The second one is a puzzle, its their Christmas and New Year stamp, but even that information doesn't help. As Strisaat says, pretty.

Sheila @ A Postcard a Day said...

Well, I'm glad part of the mystery is solved because I wouldn't be able to help you with either one.

Bob Scotney said...

I missed out on the link. But better late than never. Here's my link


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