Saturday, August 25, 2012

Sunday Stamps #85

It has gotten hot here again in the USA Midwest. Summer is reminding us that no, she is not gone.

For me, my University has started up again and what a change!  I am working harder and and I am more tired than before.

Our theme for this week is useful or practical items, to interpret however you wish.  I am very interested in how people will approach this theme.  My interpretation:

Here we have a selection of the lowly, but very useful species of the pepper family, from red bell peppers used in salads to the spicy chili peppers. All these peppers are in the genus Capsicum.  Chili (or chile) peppers (indeed all peppers) are a New World species, and seem to have been cultivated for thousands of years in South and Central America.
Theme next week (by suggestion): Art, music, and dance.
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Bob Scotney said...

It will be interesting to see different interpretations - I could be more widely different.

Lisa B said...

Good choice for a theme, it sounds a bit tricky at first but it does lend itself to a wide range of stamps. The choices I've seen so far are great.

Joy said...

How what we eat would be so different without the Americas. Looks like this theme interpretation is going to be wide ranging.

Sheila @ A Postcard a Day said...

I like your choice! I would never have thought along those lines but I agree that we'd be lost without peppers.

Marcie said...

Nature provides the most useful things :)

Ana said...

i love spices! and i love going to the green market, sniffing around, feeling all those amazing kind of smells that only nature can provide :)

good luck at the Uni! :)

Dănuţ Ivănescu said...

Mmmm. Romanian stamps. :)


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