Sunday, October 2, 2022

Sunday Stamps: UNESCO sites

 Good day, and welcome to my blog.  It is a lovely Fall day - little fall foliage yet but it will be coming soon. It's time for Sunday Stamps, and the theme this week is UNESCO heritage sites.

There are a number of such sites in the USA, but have they appeared on stamps?  Why yes, and in an issue earlier in 2022.

Monument Valley in Arizona, part of the Navajo nation.  Great geology, in great colors as seen in the stamp.  This area has been used as a backdrop for various television shows and Hollywood Westerns.

This is a stamp worth $8.95 for parcels, so you may not seen it very often.

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violet s said...

Darn that price. This is a nice stamp.
(I was looking for fall colours on my drive this afternoon and didn't have much luck. Soon!)

Mail Adventures said...

What a beautiful stamp!
(And expensive!).

Joy said...

Gorgeous stamp. I always associate Monument Valley with the old black and white westerns so nice to have all those colours.


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