Sunday, August 7, 2022

Sunday Stamps: Snow/Winter

It's the doldrums of August and summer is definitely here.  There is a predicted high of 88 F or 31 C today in my part of the American Midwest.  If it cools down at night people can handle this but in many places it is just not as cool overnight as it once was.

Our hostess has asked us to share snow or winter scenes to cool us down, and has shared some wonderful stamps.  My snow stamp is below:

Stylized snow on the rooftops.  That is getting rarer in my part of the USA.

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violet s said...

I love seeing rooftops covered in snow. I'm sure the rooftop owners do not.

Joy said...

Atmospheric stamp. The snow softly arriving while we all sleep.

Mail Adventures said...

We don't have snow on the rooftops, either. I love the style and colours of this stamp.


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