Sunday, August 14, 2022

Sunday Stamps: Trees

 Good day and welcome to my blog.

This week's theme for Sunday Stamps is trees.  I have some older stamps to share:

Some older stamps from Ukraine, shared some time ago, and here again.  And the war in Ukraine continues on.  When I was in Postcrossing I received a number of cards from Ukraine, and I hope my correspondents are okay.

The trees here are a horse chestnut on the left, and some sort of lime tree on the right, or so my readers told me, the last time I shared this stamp.

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Joy said...

Love horse chestnuts which in autumn bring childhood memories of collecting the shiny conkers.

violet s said...

I've always liked these - the details are nice and clear.
I've gotten 3 addresses from Ukraine in the last couple of months - none of my cards have arrived yet, but I hope they bring a moment of happiness and escape.

Mail Adventures said...

This is a very nice series. I love chestnuts, but I have to travel some km to see them...


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