Sunday, July 3, 2022

Sunday Stamps: Writers

 Good day, and welcome to a very warm day in the American Midwest.  I have been remiss in my posting for Sunday stamps!  And I do have a writer and a poem for today.  It is a repeat from a long ago post when I was hosting Sunday Stamps.

Walt Whitman, known for Leaves of Grass and who is appreciated more as times go by.  I like this excerpt from Out of the Cradle Endlessly Rocking:

Once Paumanok,

When the lilac-scent was in the air and Fifth-month grass was growing,

Up this seashore in some briers,

Two feather'd guests from Alabama, two together,

And their nest, and four light-green eggs spotted with brown,

And every day the he-bird to and fro near at hand,

And every day the she-bird crouch'd on her nest, silent, with bright eyes,

And every day I, a curious boy, never too close, never disturbing them,

Cautiously peering, absorbing, translating.

Shine! shine! shine!

Pour down your warmth, great sun!

While we bask, we two together.

Two together!

Winds blow south, or winds blow north,

Day come white, or night come black,

Home, or rivers and mountains from home,

Singing all time, minding no time,

While we two keep together.

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violet s said...

What a fine impression of a great man. What's also interesting is that we now know so much about his life.

Joy said...

Superb stamp and a poem, even better.

Mail Adventures said...

Love it!


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