Sunday, May 22, 2022

Sunday Stamps - Sails

 Good day and welcome to my blog - I believe this is post number 600!  (Edited to add:  actually #599.)  Yeah me!

This week's theme is sails.  I have a stamp I have shared before that is just right for this theme:

Under full sail.  Also know as Old Ironsides, she is docked at Charlestown MA and you can visit the museum.

I am glad I will be "visiting" all of you virtually today, because yesterday I tested positive for COVID.  After being so careful.  I am slightly feverish and feel like I have a cold.  I have been vaccinated and boosted so cold symptoms are to be expected and it won't get much worse.

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violet s said...

I hope your symptoms don't get any worse and that you are on the mend very quickly.
Another fine example of sails unfurled.

Joy said...

Thanks for the link, fascinating history, now I know it is best to build with live oak for a long life.
Sending you best wishes and hope you recover soon from, as psalm 91 says, "the pestilence that stalks in the darkness"

Mail Adventures said...

Nice stamp!
I have visited the blogs very late this week, so I hope you are fully recovered by now.


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