Sunday, May 15, 2022

Sunday Stamps: Postal

 Good day from a warm and beautiful American Midwest.  I did not post last week as it was my daughter's College graduation!

Back again though, and time for Sunday Stamps.

I don't have any stamps of post offices, as our hostess has today, but I do have an image I swiped from a stamp dealer (sorry!) as I don't have any theme stamps in hand.

An older stamp, when postage was 8 cents, of a postal worker, selling stamps of course.  The image has an old-fashioned look to it.

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violet s said...

Love the yellow! And that she is buying a whole sheet of stamps. they aren't sold that way anymore ;)

violet s said...

p.s. congratulations to your daughter!! the last couple of years must have been quite a challenge for her studies

viridian said...

Violet S: In the USA you can still buy a sheet of stamps like this. Yes getting a college degree during COVID was a challenge.

Mail Adventures said...

Very nice stamp. I wouldn't mind to get it!


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