Sunday, May 29, 2022

Sunday Stamps: Shaped

 And this is post # 600!

I am still tired from Covid.  I am still walking around my family and in stores with a double mask on.

So this will be quick.  The theme today is shaped stamps and our hostess has some great ones.  I have one that came on a postcard from Postcrossing, some time ago:

From Thailand, an unusual 7 sided shape.

Visit SeeitonaPostcard for more participants. 

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violet s said...

Ooh, this is nice! A very symbolic birthday stamp (though I must now look up all the symbols)
I'm glad you participated this week and I hope your tiredness fades soon.

Joy said...

Zodiac cycle birthdays, I didn't know that was a thing, nice to have something extra to celebrate.
Congratulations on your 600th anniversary. Hope you feel better soon.

Mail Adventures said...

I don't fully understand the stamp, but the design is really cool!


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