Sunday, August 1, 2021

Sunday Stamps: Free Choice (Lace!)

 Good day and welcome to my blog.  I am back from vacation, and ready again to participate in Sunday stamps.  Below is a postcard I received via Postcrossing in 2012.  But the postcard used is older than that:

Note the CCCP symbol (and hammer and sickle) on the right!

Our hostess will be glad to see I found a stamp featuring lace, as she did for today.

Visit SeeitonaPostcard for more participants.

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violet s said...

Oh yes, I love those Russian lace series.

Mail Adventures said...

How nice you have also found a lace stamp!

Joy said...

Nicely themed. It has triggered a memory for me I remember getting one of those lace stamps, the shape is so memorable. Pretty.


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