Sunday, July 18, 2021

Sunday Stamps: From the 1900's

 Good day and welcome to my blog!

I was traveling last week and could not participate in a favorite theme of mine - geology!  The stamps I picked (from the internet) are probably from the 1900's.


Yes, they have the years on the stamps, how convenient.  Both these stamps are of garnets in rocks.  Garnet is a favorite mineral of mine.

I'll be traveling next week - to Alaska for a major vacation, so I will not be able to participate.  Have a great Sunday Stamps.

Visit SeeitonaPostcard for more participants.

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Yes I am a quilter, and love the little basket stamps shared by VioletSky.



LiT Web Studio said...

Happy holidays! I missed last week too ... Here's my post:

Joy said...

Gemstones are fascinating. How wonderful to travel to Alaska, if I had a bucket list it would be on it. Have a great time.

Mail Adventures said...

Very nice stamps. Have a nice and safe trip!


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