Sunday, July 4, 2021

Sunday Stamps: Food (and drink)

 Ok I am stretching the theme a little bit but I just saw these stamps on the USPS website.  Expresso drinks!

What fun, and delicious.  These were released in April of this year.  There is also a set of coasters available!

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violet s said...

coasters - what a great marketing idea :)

Mail Adventures said...

I got these stamps just a couple of weeks ago. They belong to a favourite theme and food/drink!

LiT Web Studio said...

Love them! Greetings from Italy, the home of all those coffees!! My post is here:

LiT Web Studio said...

Looks like the link isn’t working!

Joy said...

If only I could pick one up off the screen.

Bob Scotney said...

Mine's a cappuccino


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