Sunday, June 27, 2021

Sunday Stamps: Inventions and inventors

 Good day, and welcome to my contribution to Sunday Stamps.  Today's theme is inventions and discoveries.

First I must say I don't have this stamp in hand - I have taken its image off the web.

A USA stamp from some time ago, when postage was 20 cents for a first class letter.  Nikola Tesla invented much more than the induction motor; alternating current for one.  There is now a line of electric cars named after him.

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LiT Web Studio said...

Great stamp! Tesla was far ahead of his time ... his rivalry with Edison is a fascinating story too! Here are my stamps on Information Technology.

Mail Adventures said...

A name that pop up when you think about inventions. Great stamp!

Bob Scotney said...

Tesla is a name that we become more familiar with every day.

Joy said...

I always feel a bit sorry for Tesla as he always seemed to loose out to Edison.


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