Sunday, June 13, 2021

Sunday Stamps: Cats big and small

 Good afternoon, here in the American Midwest.  I am joining Sunday Stamps hosted by SeeitonaPostcard, a bit late.

The theme is Cats, big or small.  I have one from an older stamp from the Ukraine:

These are two stamps from a larger sheet.  That is a thatched roof of a cottage behind the cat and birds.  The cat doesn't seem to be pursuing the birds that closely - or it is distracted by looking at us.

See some more scary stamps of big cats by some of the contributors this week.

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violet s said...

Oh, this is cute!

Mail Adventures said...

Not really scary :D

LiT Web Studio said...

Hello! Love to see that you’re still blogging stamps on a Sunday … these are a fun choice! X Debs @Penny Black 1840

Bob Scotney said...

It may need to slim down a bit before it catches one


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