Sunday, June 20, 2021

Sunday Stamps: Summer

 Good Afternoon!  I am coming to Sunday Stamps a bit late today.

This week's theme is Summer.  In the USA a staple of summer is the state or county fair.

This image is from the USPS website. As is the one below, of the 4 se-tenant stamps together:

Clearly I don't have these stamps in hand 😔

Our county fair is in August, and the state fair lasts for several weeks in August too.  My kids when they were little liked to see the animals on display.  When they were older, they wanted the food, and to go on all the rides!  The state fair also has a building with a model railroad set up - HO scale.  There is a big city being modeled with many buildings, and several trains whizzing around.

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LiT Web Studio said...

I hope the fairs will be able to run this year too! Happy Sunday Stamps! Debs @

violet s said...

I second that hope for a return to fairs, even with limited numbers. I enjoy going to county fairs and I expect when they are allowed to open again they will be very popular!

Mail Adventures said...

It seems they are having a good time. I wish you to enjoy the fair this summer.

Joy said...

I like the sheet, all the fun of the fair. I'd head for that model railroad. Such a lot of planning goes into these events shame if they can't run.

Bob Scotney said...

Our town fair was established in 1215 and is held in October when it usually rains. The pandemic caused it to be cancelled - may not run this year either. It would be fun to visit fairs like that depicted on your stamp.


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