Sunday, January 16, 2022

Sunday Stamps: Authors

 Good day and welcome to another gray day in the American Midwest.  It's time for Sunday Stamps.

Like others who are participating, I am sharing a relatively recent stamp from the USPS of Ursula Le Guin.

The background image is of a scene from The Left Hand of Darkness.  A wonderful fantasy and science fiction writer.  Her Earthsea trilogy featured a school for wizards - hmmmm.

Also a newish stamp:

August Wilson, a playwright, who is described here by the USPS.  Two of his plays are Fences and The Piano Lesson.

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Joy said...

Ursula Le Guin is popular this week, rightly so its a stunning stamp. I'm guessing that is the planet Winter from Left Hand of Darkness which I've never finished as the long names always confuse me. Maybe I'm due another go:)
Never heard of August Wilson, learning through stamps.

viridian said...

Left hand of Darkness is worth it! Try it again.

FinnBadger said...

Joy, Four Ways to Forgiveness is also wonderful (four novellas with a common theme), sometimes issued as Five Ways to Forgiveness with an additional Werel/Yeowe story included.

Veridian - UKLG was the origin of wizarding schools - hard to imagine Harry Potter without having had Ged beforehand.

violet s said...

I hope I get an Ursula Le Guin stamp, it really is stunning.
I'd not heard of August Wilson,but after looking him up realize he wrote Ma Rainey's Black Bottom. I watched the movie not that long ago.

Mail Adventures said...

Le Guin seems the winner this week... :)
As others below, I haven't read any book by August Wilson.


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