Sunday, January 23, 2022

Sunday Stamps: Maps on stamps

 Good day and welcome.  Yet another gray day in the American Midwest, this time with some snow flurries added in.

It's time for Sunday Stamps.  This week the theme is maps or flags on stamps.  I have a stamp from Belarus, that I first shared about 10 years ago:

The grand emperor penguins and a map of Antarctica.  Interesting to see the globe turned "upside down" for this!

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violet s said...

Love the penguins.
I find it discombobulating to see the world from either of the poles.

LiT Web Studio said...

Happy Feet! Who doesn't love penguins?! I've gone with EU Flags today (rather less fun...!)

Joy said...

Grey day here too in NW England, I bet there are intense blue skies in the antarctic. Great stamp, stars and a sun corona what more could one ask as we already have penguins.

Mail Adventures said...

It isn't a common view of the Earth, indeed. Penguins are a plus :)

FinnBadger said...

Love, love, love this stamp. Lucky you!


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