Sunday, September 12, 2021

Sunday Stamps: Art

 Good day and welcome to my Sunday Stamps post!

I was away at a lake cabin last weekend because it was Labor Day weekend, enjoying time with family.  No internet there!  But I have a set of stamps for the theme today: Art/paintings.

I purchased these stamps when they came out, about 2010 or so. American Abstract Expressionists:

The Jackson Pollock stamp is especially large.  These stamps take up a lot of a postcard, or an envelope!

I admit I obtained this image off the internet, as I used all of these stamps long ago.

Visit SeeitonaPostcard for more participants.

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violet s said...

I rather like large stamps, but they do take up a lot of writing space on a pc!! Abstract paintings do not work so well in miniature stamps, I think, so these deserve their size.

Mail Adventures said...

I like those. Maybe better to use on an envelope than in a postcard.
I like that USPS issue so many stamps on contemporary art. I would like my country do the same!

Joy said...

I've only seen Pollock and Rothko in real life, guess big canvasses need equally big stamps. Nice set.


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