Sunday, September 19, 2021

Sunday stamps: Modern Architecture

 Good Day, and welcome to my contribution to Sunday Stamps.

Once again I have searched the internet for stamps, having none in hand for today's theme.  But I found this great set:

Fallingwater is an amazing house by Frank Lloyd Wright.  I am less familiar with the other buildings.  I have not visited these buildings, but would be happy to visit Fallingwater some day!  This set really fits the theme, does it not?

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violet s said...

Dulles Airport certainly does. I love the futurist look of that floating elliptical roof.

Mail Adventures said...

This is a great set. I'd like to see Fallingwater, too.

Joy said...

Its a vote for Fallingwater for me as well. The way it sits in the landscape is amazing. Attractive set and I like the typography.


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