Sunday, April 7, 2024

Sunday Stamps: The Sun

 Good Day, and welcome to my stamp blog.  Tomorrow is the great American eclipse, and my area of the American Midwest is in the path of totality!  I'll be busy in the morning but take the afternoon off, to watch the eclipse from my own backyard.

So: the theme today is the Sun.  The US Postal Service has not issued any stamps for this, unlike the Canadians.  So I am going to sneak in this stamp:

A hummingbird on a sunflower.  Hey, it's the closest I could get.  This is from a recently released booklet of stamps.  Each stamp shows a hummingbird and flowers.  The image here is from the US Postal Service.

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FinnBadger said...

I love this set of stamps, can't wait to use them

Lisa said...

That's a lovely stamp! Sunflowers certainly fit the theme.

Mail Adventures said...

This is a beautiful picture, and a great take on this week topic!

violet s said...

Sunflowers are perfect!
Hope you get a clear day tomorrow - sadly, we may not :(

Joy said...

Two magical things, I love fields of sunflowers


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