Sunday, May 21, 2023

Sunday Stamps: The Inverted Jenny Stamp

 Hello and welcome to a pretty Spring day in the American Midwest.

It is time for Sunday Stamps, and the theme is our choice.

I am showing the US Postal Service's reprint (at a different denomination) of one of the most famous misprints in stamp history, the "Inverted Jenny:"

This is available now in the USPS store.
The original air mail stamp, with a face denomination of 24 cents, was printed in 1918.  Only one sheet seems to have gone through the printing press upside down - 100 stamps.
Prices at auction for single stamps vary from $500 K to a million US Dollars.  
More at Wikipedia's entry (lots of detail).  Interesting detail I might add.

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Mail Adventures said...

I've got one of the new ones, but never seen a real Inverted Jenny!

viridian said...

Neither have I. Except pictures on the internet.

violet s said...

I suppose it's pretty good that the mistake was caught after only one sheet - especially for collectors. For me, this would be good enough for my collection!


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