Sunday, January 22, 2023

Sunday Stamps: Trees

 Good day, and welcome to my blog.  It's about 30 degrees F in the Great American Midwest, and it is snowing gently.  We expect 2 -3 inches.  It's very pretty, on the trees and bushes, but driving could be tricky.

It's time for Sunday Stamps, and the theme this week is trees.

These older stamps from Poland came from a lot I purchased on ebay.  The trees shown are pear (on the left) and cherry (on the right).  Thank you to Google translate to help me translate the Polish!  I certainly didn't recognize the Latin species names.

In spring we'll see flowering trees like this.

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violet s said...

I always look forward to seeing these blossoms.
(We aren't having much of a winter here in southern Ontario so they might arrive earlier than usual!)

FinnBadger said...

Those stamps are lovely. And pears are one of my favorite fruits. Stay safe in the snow, it's falling streadily here, too.

Mail Adventures said...

Cherry trees are among my favourites. Beautiful illustrations!

Joy said...

Pretty, blossom gives twice, the spectacular view of the trees but the intricate beauty when looking closely as the flowers.


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