Sunday, April 25, 2021

Sunday Stamps: Sport

 Good Day and welcome to my blog.

This week's prompt for Sunday stamps is Sport.  I have no new stamps for this, but in searching my blog I found some older stamps shared once before:

These stamps were issued by China for the London Olympics.  I can tell because of the odd puzzle pieces or tectonic plates on the left stamp, and the strange one eyed creature on the right stamp.  Postmark indicates this is from my Postcrossing days, back in 2014.

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Mail Adventures said...

At first sight, I thought these were British stamps. The colours are striking.

Joy said...

One imagines sporting sunlit days seeing these stamps. Both Olympic symbols were strange.

violet s said...

2012 was a bad year for Olympic logos!
The colours on these stamps look like tie dye.

Bob Scotney said...

Time flies - 2012 seems like yesterday.


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