Sunday, April 26, 2020

Sunday Stamps: Flying objects

I am joining Sunday Stamps again.
The theme for this week is things that fly.  One thinks of birds right away, but there are other things,  such as butterflies:

This is the California Dogface butterfly.  It is worth 70 cents, and is meant for square or irregular sized envelopes.
More information is on the USPS website for this stamp.
I don't see a dog's face (supposedly the profile of a poodle) myself, but hey, you may.  It's a pretty bright yellow.

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Mail Adventures said...


FinnBadger said...

I don't see the dog face, either. However I do like the colors on this stamp.

Heleen said...

A lovely stamp!

If I look at one half I can see a profile of an animal in one upper wing (though it looks more like a hedgehog than a dog :-) )

Joy said...

Very pretty, I always like a colourful butterfly. I didn't see the dog either until Heleen pointed out it was a profile. Fun and memorable name.

Bob Scotney said...

I can't make out a dog either. Great butterfly though.


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