Sunday, November 6, 2016

Sunday Stamps II 99

Welcome to my contribution to Sunday Stamps, which I am putting together on Saturday evening.
This week's theme is fireworks or night views.  I hope no one else shares the cool stamp below.
I don't have this stamp in hand - this is a scan from the US Postal Service.  This is from a series of stamps featuring national parks (Violet Sky also has shown one from this series).

Visit SeeitonaPostcard to see who else is joining in this week!



violet s said...

cool! another national park!
I would love to see a sky such as this - impossible in the urban area I live in.

Mail Adventures said...

I hadn't seen these stamps in real, but they look really magnificent. Quite a view!

Maria said...

This stamp is captivating!

Bob Scotney said...

Nature's fireworks are so much better - and quieter, if not a thunder flash.

Joy said...

Beautiful, just the place to camp out.


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