Sunday, October 30, 2016

Sunday Stamps II 98

A very warm end of October here in the American Midwest.

It's time for Sunday Stamps.  The theme this week is bizarre or unexplainable stamps.

The first one below, from the Netherlands, might have something to do with posting letters.

Or maybe not.  The second one below I have posted before on my blog.  It's from Lithuania.

A marble? A bead? No one knew then what it was trying to depict, and I am not sure either.

Visit SeeitonaPostcard to see who else is joining in this week!



VioletSky said...

Where is Heleen when we need her to help with that Dutch stamp?!
The closest I can find of the Lithuanian stamp is that it is for Christmas. I'm guessing maybe a glass ball?

Bob Scotney said...

The Lithuanian stamp is one of two issued for Christmas 2010. As Violet says a glass ball - a Christmas bauble.

Maria said...

I'm a bit frustrated with the first stamp as it seems like the images on it are something I should recognize but I can't get on top of my head. Unexplainable indeed!


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