Sunday, January 31, 2016

Sunday Stamps II - 59

All it well at chez Viridian, just busy and forgetful about my blog.
I am joining in again with Sunday Stamps, run by Violet Sky at SeeitonaPostcard.

 The theme this week is Winter Scenes.

One of my favorite stamps, featured on my blog some years ago.  I feel it is very evocative of deep winter.

Please see who else is joining in at See it on a Postcard!



FinnBadger said...

Great stamp, love the colors.

Bob Scotney said...

Fine stamp. But does anyone know of a way in which we can track stamps issued by Finland?

VioletSky said...

I also like this one for all the bright colours.
I wish I knew of an easy way to track Finnish stamps....

Mail Adventures said...

You can have a look at the Posti site:

Stamps for Finland are really different from Spanish and Moroccan stamps.


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