Sunday, February 25, 2024

Sunday Stamps: Illustrations

 Hello and welcome to my blog.  It's a cool sunny day in the American Midwest, and time for Sunday Stamps.

The theme this week is illustrations.  I have a stamp issued last year, still available on the USPS website:

A stamp honoring children's book author Tomie dePaola (1934 - 2020). He has a varied body of work: folktales, legends, informational books, religious and holiday stories, and autobiographical tales.  The stamp art features a detail from the cover of Strega Nona, or "grandma witch"  who uses magic to help with matters of the heart and to cure her neighbors' ills.

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violet s said...

I am not familiar with his work, but I bet this stamp brings back waves of nostalgia for many others.

Lisa said...

That's a really cute one! I am familiar with his stories. I had no idea he had died not long ago.

Joy said...

Sweet stamp and a witch one would like as a neighbour.

FinnBadger said...

Great choice for today

Mail Adventures said...

I discovered this author thanks to the stamp. I love it.


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