Sunday, February 19, 2023

Sunday Stamps: The letter "E"

Good day, and welcome to my contribution to Sunday Stamps.  The clouds are clearing and it's about 40 degrees F. outside.

This week's theme is the Letter "E".

I have a stamp currently available at the US Postal Service website:

The image is from their website.  This is a stylized image of an Elephant and baby.  Thank goodness people are in general treating elephants more ethically (not everywhere it is true) and the ivory trade is slowing down.

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FinnBadger said...

I like this stylized elephant, perfect for sending mail to my mother, who loves these amazing creatures

Mail Adventures said...

We coincided :)
I like the simplicity of this design.

violet s said...

Love these. I think it would make a nice quilt design.

Joy said...

Lovely design, a nice one to use for postage for who does not love an elephant.


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