Sunday, July 8, 2018

Sunday Stamps "U"

Good day!
I am joining in with Sunday Stamps at SeeitonaPostcard after about a month away.
We are up to the letter "U".

A stamp from Ukraine, showing the national flag.  And note the sender has included the surrounding material from the stamp sheet, so that you get a real sense of the flag waving in the breeze.

Please visit Seeitonapostcard this week and see who else is joining in!



violet s said...

This stamp is much more interesting with the selvedge included!

Bob Scotney said...

Flag stamps are much more interesting when the waves can be seen.

Ana said...

I agree - having included the selvedge is what makes this stamp complete and beautiful!

FinnBadger said...

Welcome back.

Lovely stamp and impressive selvage.

Mail Adventures said...

I also like flags were they are "alive",like this one!


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