Sunday, September 24, 2017

Sunday Stamps II #145

In a tour of the alphabet, Sunday Stamps is up to the letter "H".  I have just the stamps for today:

Horses from Russia.  This is from a postcard from Irkutsk to my daughter when she was part of  Postcrossing for a short time.

Visit SeeitonaPostcard to see who else is joining in!



FinnBadger said...

Horses always make for good stamp subjects. How fun that they are on Russian stamps.

Heleen said...

A beautiful serie (I am a happy receiver of few of these, too :-) )

violet s said...

Nice to have the action shot as well as the casual profile.

♥ Willa @ Postage Journal♥ said...

Horses of course is perfect for today's theme, H :)

Mail Adventures said...

I thought of "Horses" too, for today's theme. But these stamps are new to me, and very beautiful!

Bob Scotney said...

Great Britain has some fine horse stamps too, but these are equally as good and ones I have never seen before.


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