Sunday, May 7, 2017

Sunday Stamps II 125

Good afternoon from the American Midwest!  I am late in getting my Sunday Stamps post up but it is still Sunday, so I can still participate.

This week's theme is places of worship.  I have not featured church stamps on my blog before, and did not feel like digging through all my old postcards so it was off to Zazzle for a look.  For Americans, Zazzle is a place on the internet where you can design your own USA legal postage and have it printed up.  You do pay more than face value for the stamps, but it's a way to obtain unique postage.

Here is a stamp I found there:

This is the rose window in Notre Dame in Paris, and appropriate for today I think!

Visit See it on a Postcard to see who else is joining in this week!



violet s said...

Very appropriate for today

FinnBadger said...

That's a very nice personalized stamp.

Bob Scotney said...

Presumably this means that only you can use this stamp?
Stained glass is so evocative.

Joy said...

Stained glass is always mesmerising.


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