Saturday, February 21, 2015

Sunday Stamps II 10

The theme is: the Lunar New Year (the Ram).  Hopefully I can link this up early and be one of the first Americans to show this year's stamp:
No rams on it but:
In the United States and elsewhere, the occasion is marked in various ways across many cultures; parades featuring enormous and vibrantly painted papier-mache dragons, parties, and other special events are common. Many families set out a candy tray, like the one depicted in the stamp art, to provide guests with an assortment of dried fruits and candies for a sweet beginning to the new year. Drums are played to celebrate this time of renewed hope for the future, with drumsticks sometimes painted red for luck. Firecrackers are set off to ward off evil spirits. Red envelopes (hong bao) containing money are given as gifts to children and loved ones.  (From the USPS website)

Any reason for a party!

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FinnBadger said...

I love this stamp! I already used a whole sheet of them and have ordered more.

And it does have a little gold ram cut out on it - top left. The series uses the cut paper animals that were the main design in the previous cycle of Lunar New Year stamps in the US.

Bob Scotney said...

It's only the Chinese communities in the UK that celebrate the Lunar New Year. As far as I know there has never been a British stamp for this.
The USA stamp is very colourful.

Heleen said...

Chinese New Year is celebrated by the Chinese communities here in NL, too. I happened to go to the city of The Heague yesterday for an other occasion, and in the train I met some people who had a long ride, especially to celebrate it in the Hague China Town.
Great stamp, Viridian, thank you for sharing!

Mail Adventures said...

I really love this one.

Jocelyn said...

I love the American stamps for Chinese New Year and I think it is great that they celebrate this. South Africa has not had any Chinese New Year stamps for about 14 years or so.

Joy said...

My first sight of this year's stamp, its gorgeous, I like how they have combined Spring and the candies.

♥ Willa @ Postage Journal♥ said...

This is really nice. I still need to visit our PO to get me some copies of it.

Willa @ Postage Journal
Sunday Stamp#93: Lunar Year

VioletSky said...

I love this stamp. Can't wait to get my Postcrossing card with it on it!


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