Saturday, October 25, 2014

Sunday Stamps # 193

I am so sorry I did not visit every one's blogs last week. I was at a big professional meeting and busy every day from Saturday to when leaving Thursday.

It's been a busy week with conference and travel, and here it is Saturday night again!  It's time to set up Sunday Stamps.

This week, our theme is professions or trades.

This is a stamp from Singapore showing vanishing trades, that inspired me this week.  In this era of low cost and therefore "disposable" clothing and shoes, the professions of tailor and cobbler are slowly disappearing.  Though knowing of a good tailor is always a good thing I think!

Please join me this week, with a trade or worker, vanishing or otherwise.  I hope this theme isn't too challenging.


Theme next week: Anything you wish.
Theme week after that; fruits of the forest: nuts and berries.


Postcardy said...

The cobbler doesn't look very happy.

Joy said...

I like all his bits and pieces on the bench and that he is portrayed in motion.

Sheila @ A Postcard a Day said...

Very true, they are disappearing! I hope he's happier in his work than it seems.

Lisa B said...

Lots of detail in the design. Hopefully there will be a revival of interest in what are described as 'vanishing professions'.

Bob Scotney said...

Sepia Saturday had a cobbler prompt this week so it was a surprise to see this stamp.

Mail Adventures said...

This is an impressive design, like a picture. I love it.


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