Saturday, October 11, 2014

Sunday Stamps # 191

It's another cool gray evening here in the American Midwest. However it was sunny during the day and a great day to observe changing leaves.

It's time for Sunday Stamps, and our theme this week is anything you wish.

These two Russian stamps were on the same postcard as last week's se-tenant stamps.  I love mountain stamps, snow covered or not!

Please join me with anything you wish this week.


Theme next week: Country life/harvest/Autumn (by suggestion).
Theme week after that: Professions or trades.


Postcardy said...

It was sunny and cool here today too.

Joy said...

I love a mountain stamp too, not to mention stamps with labels attached, even though I haven't a clue what it says. This mountain will always be snow covered as its in Siberia. The series is called the Golden Mountains of Altai (designated a UNESCO world heritage site)

Bob Scotney said...

First ground frost of the autumn (winter) this morning. No snow on our hills - can't match the Russian mountains.

Lisa B said...

Very autumnal here and a beautiful red sky tonight. I missed last week as I couldn't think of any se-tenant stamps that I haven't already posted. Hope to find something for next week :)

Heleen said...

Beautiful mountain stamps, thank you for sharing, Viridian! Especially the colours I love, as turquoise is one of my favourite colours :-)

agi said...

i love mountains too, green or white :)

Sheila @ A Postcard a Day said...

Here we are having torrential rain! I would happily swap it for snow covered mountains - in the distance.


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