Saturday, July 5, 2014

Sunday Stamps # 178

Hello hello and welcome to Sunday Stamps!

It's the evening of a beautiful day.  The World Cup games are being played.  And Americans are actually changing their gaze from baseball to soccer! (As we call it here).  And our theme is Sport.  It is a theme we have had before but I hope you have some stamps to share.  First some stamps from China:

These are stamps for the London Olympics.  I can tell because of the puzzle piece (or tectonic plates) logo, and the bizarre one eyed creature on the other stamp.

And there is this stamp from Germany:

I hope you are able to join me this week with a "sport" stamp.  Please add you link below.

Theme next week: beautiful landscapes.
Theme week after that: artists and illustrators.

Recommendations for future themes welcome!



Postcardy said...

The weather has been unexpectedly nice this weekend here.

I have some more Belarus stamp postcards.

luvlinens said...

Oh no! Sorry, some how I got things mixed up and looks like I am a week behind. Hope you don't mind me showing something patriotic.

Bob Scotney said...

What with Wimbeldon, the Tour de France and the World Cup all on at the moment I went for something yet to come this month.

The Royal Mail went overboard with Olympic stamps in 2012, so many that I avoided them. But other countries commemorating them are good to see.

agi said...

i love the german stamp presenting the joy of winning :)

Mail Adventures said...

The German stamp is super!


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