Saturday, December 14, 2013

Sunday Stamps #150

It has been a snowy day here in the American Midwest, and now the snow has turned to rain.  I am afraid it will turn into freezing rain tonight.

I have fixed part of my computer problems: a loose cable connection on the wireless router box.  This makes my life so much happier!

We are at a milestone too: #150!  Thank you Sunday stampers, for joining in each week, and visiting others and leaving a comment.  Now on to the holiday stamps:

This is one of the Christmas stamps available this year from the US Postal Service.  There always is a Madonna and Child stamp, based on an older painting.
I just received via Postcrossing, a similar stamp from Germany, published in 2006:
And another stamp, this time from Russia, published in 2011:
You might not be able to tell from the scan, but the stamp is sparkly!  Please join me with your Holiday stamps - I hope you did not display them all last week!
Theme next week:  Fantasy, including children's fantasy.
Two weeks from now: A week off.  I will be away and unable to post.


Mail Adventures said...

The Russian stamp is really beutiful!

Postcardy said...

I like the sparkly ornament.

VioletSky said...

Sparkly stamps are fun to get!

Sheila @ A Postcard a Day said...

I too love the sparkly stamp!

Joy said...

I'll join the sparkly stamp adoration too.

Lisa B said...

A sparkly stamp, how lovely!

Heleen said...

150th - Congratulations with this wonderful milestone!

Beautiful stamps again, thank you for sharing!

And I apologize for adding a wrong link (I used it on my blog and forgot to change; the nogmeerpost.blogspot website is the correct one)

Bob Scotney said...

I suspect we will get Madonnas for many years to come.
Congratulations of reaching 150.

Bob Scotney said...

I have done something stupid and deleted all the comments made by VioletSky, Jo, LisaB, Hawwa and Joy.
My apologies to you all.


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