Saturday, September 28, 2013

Sunday Stamps # 140

The beautiful days and clear nights in the American Midwest just keep on going on.  It's been a great weekend so far.  Well, it must be time for Sunday Stamps.

Our theme this week is birds, and I am pretty sure one of my readers suggested this theme.  Luckily I received a card recently from China with two appropriate stamps, side by side:

I cannot figure out the species, but they are beautiful.  This postcard was sent to me from Wuhan China.
Please join me this week, with a bird stamp of your choice.
Theme next week: Industry, interpreted broadly.
Theme two weeks from now: Cars.


Postcardy said...

I like the colors and designs of those stamps.

jared's mum said...

those are really lovely bird stamps.

Lisa B said...

lovely stamps, they look like they could be designs on silk.

Ana said...

I'm far from a birds' expert, but if my search got it right, the two birds' stamp shows a Formosan blue magpie, while the other one, a White-tailed Ground jay :)

happy Sunday!!

Mail Adventures said...

I've also published these stamps, and I'm happy to know theier names thanks to Ana :D

Bob Scotney said...

I was going to tell you what they are, but Ana has beaten me to it. Two fine stamps.

viridian said...

Thank you Ana, for the identification of the birds.

Maria said...

It's always hard for me too to read the feature on the stamps whenever the characters are in Chinese or Cyrillic... thanks to Anna who provided us with the info. I like the Formosa blue magpies. :)

I had fun writing up the entries for this theme. Thanks Viridian for continuously hosting Sunday Stamps :)

VioletSky said...

I have these stamps - don't you just love those long tail feathers?!

agi said...

i also love these stamps and have them on a few of my postcards. thank you for this theme i am happy to see so many posts :)


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