Saturday, September 7, 2013

Sunday Stamps #137

In getting this post ready,  I note that Blogger has changed yet again.  All the blogs I was following have disappeared from the listing I am used to seeing!  How am I going to find them again?  Some blogs I remember, but others, which are updated infrequently, I may forget.

Anyway, hopefully you haven't lost me, and can participate in Sunday Stamps.

Our theme this week is open, anything you wish.

I just received this stamp on a card from Japan.

It is an slightly over-sized stamp, the better to show the detail.  Thank you to the Postcrosser who sent me this.

Please join me with any stamp you wish this week.
Theme next week: Se-tenant stamps.
Theme two weeks from now: ethnic or national costumes.

P.S. I am on Facebook too: just search for Viridian61.


agi said...

I love japanese stamps esp the art ones, beautiful

agi said...

Btw i sometimes cant see the blogs i follow but it gets back after a while, i hope its temporary :)

Postcardy said...

I like that Japanese stamp.

Lisa B said...

Yes, that happens to me too, the blogs disappear, then reappear later. Nice detail on the stamp.

VioletSky said...

same here with the blogger issue.
art on Japanese stamps is always welcome to my collection!

Joy said...

Japanese art on stamps is always a delight, the more over-sized the better.

Bob Scotney said...

Nice stamp. Can anyone tell me what they are doing and what are the wooden tubs?
My blog list disappears from time to time but has always come back so far. In August when Google said it was going to discontinue Google Reader. I made double sure by using Blogloving and Feedly to pick up the blogs I follow on Google.

jared's mum said...

every bit of stuff from Japan is just way too cute! this stamp sure is very pretty! ^_^

Maria said...

I always have this dilemma with Japanese stamps... it's hard to figure out what are they about cause of the Japanese characters I can't read :( I am making a wild guess this one is about a traditional life scene?

I feel you about the 'Reading List' disappearing from the bloggers home page. It frustrates me a lot cause I'm used to read new posts from there. :(


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