Saturday, October 1, 2011

Sunday Stamps #38

This week we visit several places in Europe.

First stop: Germany!  Being (ahem) a bit older, it still feels a little strange to write that.  I still sometimes think in terms of West and East, or GDR and DDR.
This is a famous monument, the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin.

Then, off to Jersey, which may not technically be another country (it is a British Crown Dependency, according to Wikipedia), but they do have their own stamps.  From left to right, marsh St. Johnwort, wild angelica, and a turnstone.

Both these stamps came to me via Postcrossing.

Please join in during our visit to Europe.  We'll be here next week also.



Postcardy said...

My post is about Icelandic stamps.

Maria said...

I thought about sharing the same German stamp but I posted an Austrian & a Finland stamp. I'm glad to see it here in your page though. ;-)

Happy Sunday!

Dorincard said...

I like your nice stamps - a starting point for storytelling, for those interested. :)
I've been thru Germany (both), but only to NEW Jersey...:)

Postcard Journeys said...

cool stamps!
i like the flower stamps. :)

Sreisaat said...

Great stamps! I especially like the Jersey flower and bird stamps. There must be lots of them in the islands. I'm feeling good today, so I have two entries for this week's Sunday Stamps :)

My Stamp Menagerie
Postcards Crossing

Sheila @ A Postcard a Day said...

I can remember being taken aback when I saw my first postcard from Berlin after the wall came down.

Living in Europe, it means I'm spoilt for choice and I struggled to decide. Ridiculous really!

Joy said...

Yes difficult to think of Brandenburg Gate without the separation of Germany. I nearly did Jersey stamps then changed my mind, such pretty stamps.

Bob Scotney said...

I could have posted some stamps from Hitler's time, West and East Germany as well but have settled for some from Jersey and other Crown Dependencies as well. You Jersey stamps are fine.

Lisa B said...

The Brandenburg Gate stamp is very nice, I saw it when Germany and Berlin were still very much divided and you couldn't walk up to it, but the tour bus would drive quite close on the western side. The DDR had some very nice stamp designs (though maybe not the ones with the heads of Communist leaders).

Marcie said...

I am also older and remember the day the wall was torn down.


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