Saturday, September 17, 2011

Sunday Stamps #36

In which we are off to South America.

Top: some stamps from Paraguay.  The blue one are in honor of the centenary of Paraguay joining the Universal Postal Union, if I am understanding this correctly.  These are off a postcard from the 1980's.

The bottom stamp is a more recent one, from a Postcrossing postcard from Chile.  It shows a chinchinero, a street performer.

Enjoy our visits to South America!

Next week:  we are off to Africa.


Postcardy said...

I am curious about the two Paraguay stamps on the left, especially the one that says "adicional pro-cartero," which translates as "Additional pro-mailman."

Sreisaat said...

The chinchinero caught my attention! I have a similar entry here in My Stamp Menagerie, relating to the professions of a common man. I also have another entry in my Postcards Crossing blog.

Bob Scotney said...

The Chile stamps is bright and cheerful. So many of my stamps from South America are rather drab.

Joy said...

The chinchinero is a fun stamp, the one man band used to be a common street sight years ago here, nowadays rarely.

Dorincard said...

Small stamps, as if paper is that expensive...they have to fit on postcards, maybe.
Interesting stamps.
Sometimes you have to beat your own drum. :)

Sheila @ A Postcard a Day said...

I love the name, chinchinero! The picture is fun too.

Lisa B said...

the one man band is a cool design, $500 sounds expensive though :)

viridian said...

The $ stands for the Chilean peso. Checking the exchange rate (isn't the internet wonderful) this is worth about 1.04 US dollars. about right for an airmail stamp I guess.


dakotaboo said...

A tricky one for me this week as I didn't think I had any South American stamps - eventually found these 2. Happy Sunday Stamps.

Marcie said...

I was late in posting, but if you want to have a look, here is the link

Looking forward to next week!


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