Tuesday, August 4, 2009

New Jersey Geology Postcard

Published by the Department of Environmental Protection, Division of Science and Research, Geological Survey, 1997.

From the back: "New Jersey's rocks and sediments record 1.5 billion years of geologic history and hold valuable mineral resources and ground water. Minerals production includes approximately $ 290 million per year in sand, gravel, crushed stone, glass sand, peat, clay, and greensand. Groundwater is pumped at over 535 million gallons per day, providing about 40 per cent of the drinking water used by the state's 7.95 million people."

Large quantities of sand gravel, etc are needed to make concrete. Crushed stone is the bottom layer of road beds, including railroad beds, so these items are needed in bulk. glassware of all types starts with a good clean quartz sand. Clay is used in paper-making and many other things as well as pottery. Greensand is a soil amendment, added if soils are too basic.

Groundwater is, simply, water under the ground. It is pumped out for irrigation if needed, but in the East it supplies water for people. Americans use a lot of water every day! Drinking, bathing, cleaning, preparing foods... and many factory processes require water also.


Terry said...

Just could not wait until Friday to visit so I popped over and I am glad I did.
Your blog is always so intresting to read .
I enjoy all the extra information that you share.
Thanks again for the wonderful post today.
May the rest of your week be fantaastic !
Happy Trails

viridian said...

Thand you for your kind comments! I have more geology postcaards on the way....


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