Monday, August 17, 2009

August Postcard scavenger Hunt: My funniest postcards

A scavenger hunt hosted by Postcardy.

First, A Ken Brown favorite. My brother was at college living much like this when this card was published - much laughter in the family.

Postcardy says: "My funniest postcards are ones that stand out in my mind from hundreds of funny, but forgettable, postcards. I always remember these."

This next one I find horrible yet funny, and unforgettable. DO NOT scroll down it you are a sensitive soul.




copyright Richard Watherwax. P.O. Box 429, Rockport, Maine 04856. Address your complaints to him. Yes it's awful. But it is unforgettable.


1 comment:

Postcardy said...

The lobster recipe is really funny and so is the picture.


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