Sunday, September 24, 2023

Sunday stamps: Insects

 Good day, and welcome to my blog.  It is a cool but sunny Fall day in the American Midwest.  There is not a cloud in the sky,  It's time for Sunday Stamps.

The theme this week is insects.  Not many, other than butterflies, are offered on USA stamps.  And I have shared the butterfly stamps before.  But I do have a stamp I last shared in 2013 on this blog:

A stamp from Lithuania, showing the ladybird spider.  We do not have this spider in the Americas.  I do not think it is poisonous.

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violet s said...

Spiders are my ultimate do not like bugs. Ladybirds, however, I don't mind. Take the body and legs off this guy and leave the bright red abdomen, and I'm okay with it.

Mail Adventures said...

This is a very curious creature!

marina said...

But it is a beautiful stamp 😀


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