Sunday, May 10, 2020

Sunday Stamps: Mothers and children

It is Mother's Day in the USA.  And mothers and children is the theme for Sunday Stamps. The Queen Mother is featured there today.

I last published this on my blog in 2013.  A stamp from Russia, 2012, that came to me via Postcrossing.  A good choice for today, yes?

The American Midwest is slowly opening up but we aren't going anywhere in this time of COVID-19.  I will make a chicken dinner and insist that the family clean up (instead of me).

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Mail Adventures said...

I think this stamp is perfect for the theme!

FinnBadger said...

That is a beautiful stamp. Thanks for going back through your blog to find it and share today.

And happy Mother's Day to you!

violet s said...

this is a lovely image (and I wish it were warm here - instead we are getting snow flurries!)
Happy Mother's Day to you. Use as many dishes as you can!

Ana said...

This seems to be the most on-point stamp I've seen today, and this is what I was looking for in my collections but to no avail :)

I also vote for the family cleaning up :)))))

Joy said...

What a pretty stamp. It certainly looks the perfect summer's day.

Bob Scotney said...

A delightful stammp - an excellent choice.


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