Sunday, February 19, 2017

Sunday Stamps II 114

For today's Sunday Stamps, we are visiting the Eastern hemisphere of our earth.  I decided to stop in Hong Kong, and went through stamps I have posted from my Postcrossing cards.  Here are two:

Stamps from 2013, showing bus transportation from previous years.  I am glad the cancellation is light so that I (and you) can see the details.

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FinnBadger said...

Stamps like this are always great for seeing how life has changed over the years.

Bob Scotney said...

We had buses just like the 1947 one in the UK in the 1950s.Two fine stamps.

Joy said...

Reminded me I have a postcards somewhere of the Hong Kong bus station, I always prefer the old buses like the 1947 one, they seem to have more style.

violet s said...

The '47 bus looks so odd to my eyes!
But, as a collector of stamps/postcards of old buses and trams, I love these! thank you.

Maria said...

These buses are kinda similar to those ones I use to take to the major town, 60 km away from my hometown. Neat stamps.


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